Boost Your Mood Instantly with These 10 High-Vibe Songs

Boost Your Mood Instantly with These 10 High-Vibe Songs

Feeling Down? Elevate Your Mood with Our High-Vibe Playlist!

We have curated a selection of some lesser-known tracks that we believe will leave you feeling calm, inspired, and confident.

(1) Take a journey of inner peace and positivity with S.I.A.T Stuck in a Tree's "Stay In My Lane"

This track will have you feeling like you're floating on a cloud, far away from any negativity or drama that might be coming your way.

With lyrics like "I just stay in my lane, I don't think too much" and a soothing melody, this song is the ultimate reminder to focus on your own path and not let anyone bring you down.

It's all about finding inner peace and connecting with the universe, no matter what challenges you may face. At TARAM, we're all about empowering self-care and personal growth, and that's why we love this track so much! So hit play and let "Stay In My Lane" take you to a place of calm and positivity! 

(2) Another great track to add to your playlist is "Better" by Erica Mason

The song begins with the inspiring line, "This the last time I let somebody steal my peace if you ain't adding to the plate," setting the tone for a positive and empowering message. Other standout lyrics include "You can't break me, I just take control of the environment," and our personal favorite, "Had to guard my energy and now I'm so protective. I won't waste time tryna prove myself. I can't please you so much that I lose myself. I think it's way past time I remove myself. I done tried everything it's time to choose myself." Give this song a listen and let its uplifting message empower you!

(3) Turn up the positivity meter with Tyla Jane's "energy"

This bop is all about believing in yourself and never giving up - even when life throws you a curveball. With its upbeat and inspiring beat, "energy" is the ultimate anthem for staying true to who you are and letting your inner glow shine bright! So blast that volume and let this song be your personal cheerleader, reminding you to focus on your own energy and take care of yourself. As Tyla Jane says, "it's all about working on my energy, cleanin' up, I'm taking care of I, myself and me." This track is the perfect affirmation anthem to get you manifesting your dreams in no time!

(4) Glow up and feel the self-love vibes with Moonlight Scorpio's "Glow" remix featuring Peachkka

This jam is like having your own personal cheerleaders with lyrics that will make you feel like a superstar. Our favorite lines include "I don't need no mind games, I am in love with freedom," and "don't forget you're the greatest even on your worst days." With Moonlight Scorpio's and Peachkka's empowering messages, this track is the perfect affirmation anthem to remind you that you are amazing, no matter what. So hit play and let "Glow" be your go-to song for self-love and positivity!

(5) Soak up some serious positive energy with Morgan St. Jean's "Energy (Lucky Me)"

This track is all about appreciating the good things in life and staying true to yourself, no matter what. With its upbeat and empowering beat, "Energy (Lucky Me)" is the ultimate feel-good anthem for staying positive and grateful. So turn up the volume and let the catchy melody and inspiring lyrics remind you to focus on the blessings, even when times get tough. And always remember, you're lucky to have all that amazing energy in your life! Let's turn this into a party and celebrate all the good vibes together! As Morgan says in the song "


(6) Feel like a superstar with Tyla Jane's "Flawless"

This track is so catchy, you won't be able to resist dancing along. But it's not just

about the beat - "Flawless" is all about embracing your imperfections and

loving yourself just the way you are. With lyrics that remind you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin, this song is the ultimate

empowering anthem for self-acceptance and self-care. As Tyla Jane says, "Why you crying, dry your eyes and come with me I'll set you free." So let's turn up the volume and let "Flawless" be your go-to reminder that you are amazing, just the way you are. This is the perfect song to remind you to love yourself and to always be your own biggest fan!

(7) Next up is "Higher Self" by Liyah Dalani and Maijah. 

This one is about personal growth, self-discovery, and finding your inner

strength. The lyrics encourage us to look within ourselves, connect with our higher selves, and overcome challenges. The song suggests that when we connect with our higher selves, we can access a source of inner wisdom and strength that can guide us through difficult times.

Here are some of the lyrics from the song to give you an idea:
"I'm on a journey, I'm reaching for my higher self
I'm finding my way, breaking free from the old me
I'm on a mission, I'm serving my higher purpose
I'm tapping in, to the power within"

Overall this song "Higher Self" is an uplifting and empowering anthem that encourages us to trust in ourselves and embrace our inner strength.

(8) "I Am Woman" by Emmy Meli is an anthem for women, celebrating their strength, resilience, and power in the face of adversity

The lyrics of the song encourage us women to believe in ourselves and our abilities, to stand up for what we believe in, and to never give up on our dreams. This song suggests we are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to, and that we should be proud of who we are and what we have accomplished.

Here are some of our favourite lyrics from theis song:
"I am woman, hear me roar
I am powerful, more and more
I am fearless, I am brave
I am worthy, I am made
To do anything I want to"

Enjoy this uplifting and empowering anthem that celebrates your strength and resilience as a woman.

(9) Get ready to take up space and own your power with "Take Up Space Sis" by Toni Jones

This upbeat and empowering tune is a reminder to embrace your authentic self, overcome self-doubt and fear, and confidently take space in this world! The whole song is a big manifestation and affirmation of your inner strength and worth that you can listen to every morning while getting ready for the day. And if you're looking for more positive vibes, make sure to check out Toni Jones' album 'I See Me Mantras' for more uplifting and inspiring tunes! Let's take up space and show the world what we're made of! 

(10) Feel beautiful with "Gorgeous" by Olivia Knox

This song is reminiscent of Tyla Jane's "Flawless" and celebrates a woman's confidence in herself and her beauty. The lyrics portray a woman who knows her worth, is unapologetic about it, and has no interest in anyone who cannot appreciate her for who she is. Some of our favorite lyrics from the song are "I'm too gorgeous for your games, too fly to feel your shame, I'm too much for your small frame, can't handle me, it's a shame." Overall, "Gorgeous" is a powerful and uplifting anthem that encourages us to own our beauty and worth, and to not settle for anything less than we deserve.

Check out our Spotify playlist above and give the songs a listen. Get ready to be transformed and empowered! We hope these tunes will help you manifest your dreams and embrace your inner strength. Happy listening, ladies!

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